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We are a multi-disciplinary team of academics from Mount Royal University in Calgary, Canada. This guide builds on findings from a CERIC-funded international research project that surveyed thousands of students and faculty from Canada, the USA, and Africa.

Randy Connolly

Design + Illustration

Randy has been teaching at Mount Royal University since 1997, where he is full professor in the Mathematics & Computing Department. He is the author of three textbooks, the most recent of which is Fundamentals of Web Development, Second Edition, which is used by over ten-thousand students annually at over a hundred universities worldwide. He has also authored 38 peer-reviewed papers and given over 20 international research presentations.

In this project, Randy was the principal investigator, and was involved in designing the survey and writing the papers. He was also responsible for the overall design of the handbooks as well as creating the actual illustrations. This required a lot of Adobe Illustrator work; in this regard, he was helped by timely purchases from fotolia and then iStock Photo.

Janet Miller

Research Lead

Janet is a psychologist at Mount Royal who provides counselling support to students on a variety of topics including career uncertainty, self-discovery, growth, relationships, trauma, crisis, depression, resiliency, anxiety and grief. She also absolutely loves working with student leaders and volunteers.

In this project, Janet was responsible for moving this project out of computing and into the world of career advising. She interfaced with advisors, handled the grant applications, managed the funds, and navigated the dreaded post-grant reporting forms! Along with Michael, Janet was instrumental in the data analysis of our survey data and in the writing of our papers.

Faith-Michael Uzoka

Research Lead

Michael has taught Computer Science and Information Systems in various universities since 1992. He is a full professor in the Department of Mathematics and Computing at Mount Royal University. He has over eighty academic publications and is a winner of the MRU Community Engagement Scholar award.

In this project, Michael coordinated the alumni stories and contributed to the collection of degree and other pathways. He was also played a large role in the data analysis of our survey data and in the writing of the papers.

Other individuals were involved at the research (survey+analysis) stage of this project.

  • Marc Schroeder, Mount Royal University
  • Namrata Khemka, Mount Royal University
  • Barry Lunt, Brigham Young University
  • Annabella Habinka Ejiri, Mbarara University of Science and Technology
  • Craig Miller, De Paul University

Project History

This guide is the culmination of a six-year research project aimed at understanding and improving young people's knowledge of the different computing disciplines.


Survey Design + Data Gathering

Our first iteration of the computer disciplines knowledge survey was run at Mount Royal University.

First Presentation

First presentation (and peer reviewed paper) of our findings at SIGITE'13.


First CERIC Grant

Further research supported by CERIC grant.

Expanded Data Collection

Data gathering expanded to include students and faculty from Canada, United States, and Africa.


Second Presentation

Presentation (and peer reviewed paper) of our expanded survey at SIGITE'16.

Handbook (First Edition)

Design and implementation of the first edition of the Handbook.


Cannexus Presentation

Presentation and release of handbook at Cannexus '18

French Translation

French version of handbook released. Translation by Hélène Roulston.

Handbook Webinar

Over 800 advisors and counsellors acrosss Canada listen in.


Second CERIC Grant

Second edition supported by CERIC grant.

Handbook (Second Edition)

Design and implementation of the second edition of the Handbook.

Cannexus Presentation

Presentation and release of handbook at Cannexus '20